HAKUBA sauna Noniin

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Heat, wind, water, and friends.
This is a space for healing.
This is a space for talk together.


New Finnish Sauna in Misorano,
Hakuba, Surrounded by Trees.

Yeah, All right, Come on, Let’s get doing, I’m enogh…
In Finnish, Noniin is a magic word that can mean many things depending on the accent and the situation in which it is used.
Laugh, relax, mind off, get energetic…
We named it with the hope of creating a little magic for your body and soul.


Maybe only Noniin in the wold?
Stylishabandoned house style sauna.


Noniin is a handmade sauna.

“Let’s build an interesting sauna!”
We created the appearance of the sauna house, also built the interior of the house ourselves, and laid out the sleeper pillars in the open air bathing area.
So we have built this sauna to the best ability for the people who gather at Noniin.


Noniin is mixed gender bathing.

“Definitely more fun to bathe with a group of friends!”
After enjoying activities together, you can relax and refresh yourselves in the sauna together.
Please have a good time with people at Noniin!


Noniin uses natural water from Hakuba.

“Let’s try something unique to Hakuba.”
Natural water overflowing from a well on the premises is used for the water baths and Loyly (pouring water over heated stones).
Please feel the skin-friendly natural water of Hakuba, which is only avalable at Noniin, with your whole body!


Wood typeandelectric type.
Two type of saunas with different sensations await you.

Noniin has two sauna houses: one with a wood stove and one with an electric stove.

Wood stove


A large sauna stove from “Moki Seisakusyo”, one of the most trusted wood stove manufacture in Japan.

Electric stove


Electric sauna stove from “Havia”, a finnish heater manufactuere known woldwide in the sauna and spa stove market.

How to enter the Finnish sauna

  • Shower to remove sweat and dirt from the body.
  • Put on your swimsuit or sauna suit and head to the sauna house!※Sauna suits are avalable for rent.
  • Warm up your bady with steam while doing the Loyly (pouring water over heated stones).
  • When the body is sufficiently warm, take a break for an outdoor air bath.
  • If you prefer, take a cold water bath.※No need to force yourself to take a cold water bath.
Repeat steps 2 through 5 as much as is comfortable


Surrounded by a grove of trees in Misorano, it is the intersection of the extraordnary (sauna) and the daily life ( friends).

Sauna house

Sauna house

Sauna house

This is a stylish sauna house with a concrete, abandoned house style. Please enjoy the different experiences of wood stove type and electric stove type.

Outside air bath space

Outside air bath space

Outside air-bath space paved with old sleeper lumber. Surrounded by a grove of Misorano trees, it is a tranquil environment

Cold water bath

Cold water bath

We have prepared four bathtubs for one person so that each person can bathe at your own pace. Natural Hakuba water from underground is used.

Administrative building

Administrative building

The red building standing behind the sauna house is the adminstration building.
The administration building is where you can register for the sauna and log house accommodations, You can also leave your luggage and take a rest after using the sauna.


  • Shower room
  • Locker room
  • Rest area
  • Toilet
  • Beverage sales

Opening hours : 12:00 – 18:00

Parking : 15 cars


Stay in an authentic log house and enjoy a sauna and barbecue.

Noniin also offers lodging. Six cottages (authentic log houses) stand behind the administration building. Enjoy Hakuba’s activities to the fullest from this base of tranquility and convenience!

Facility Details

2Ldk with loft: 6 beds.
(futon also available to accommodate up to 9 people)

Kitchen, toilet, bathroom, washroom.

BBQ space

There is a large BBQ hut in the middle of the accommodation building.

Usage Fees

40,000yen per building per night (tax included)
※You can cook your own meals, but there are many restaurants around.


Please make your sauna reservations through the web!!

3,300yen per person
  • └Sauna use max. 150 min.
  • └Lending of toolsSauna mat included.
    Various other rentals (extra charge) are available.
  • └Locker room
  • └Shower room
  • └Rest area


2937-52 Misorano, Kitashiro, Hakuba Village, Kitaazumi District, Nagano Prefecture, Japan